Sunday, September 7, 2014

Two Austin Events and Update

Dear all,

First 2 events:

1. ACC/AFT Labor Film Series Presents: University Inc. on September 19th at
7pm at the Northridge Campus

Austin Beloved Community is a co-sponsor of the labor film series organized
by Emma Mutrux and Jacob Branson with ACC/AFT. Pace Davis, TSEU organizer
will speak after this showing.

University Inc. (1999) is by Kyle Henry, at the time an MFA graduate
student. It's about the specific loss of the film series at the Texas Union
-- and a great deal more about bureaucracy, hierarchy, and corporatization
of higher education. The film toured nationally with funding from Richard
Linklater and Michael Moore. An interesting 10 year update is located here

2. Cine Resistencia @ the Women's Community Center with Director Anne Lewis
on September 13 at 6pm

I'll be showing Fast Food Women (1992 but it hasn't changed). Think Fight
for 15. And Morristown (2007), a working class response to globalization in
the U.S. South and Mexico that ends in a victory.

Update: we are translating and turning into
Spanish as well English including events in the animation film.

We will add to/update the 2 google maps (in English), Austin organizations
and movement history. Anyone have great Austin events or organizations
they'd like added? Please send along to me!

Please keep letting us know about area events for our calendar and Facebook

Finally I think it would be great to get together this fall to begin talking
about next May Day and any other ideas for getting together as a community.

In peace and solidarity,

Monday, August 25, 2014

Join the Discussion!

Hello All--

There are mean things happening in this land.

We would like for the progressive and socialist Left in Texas to be directly involved in talking about those mean things and what we can do about them.

We therefore would like to take this opportunity to invite you to the Socialist Party of Texas Discussion List.

It's time for all of us in Texas to really start to work together a little closer on a common agenda whether we are members of the Socialist Party of Texas or not; the main thing is that we start a dialog.

Like, how can we all work together to improve Texas?

Is it possible for us to develop a program which we might be able to work for in the Legislature?

Can we develop statements which can present our positions?

How do we grow our Movement?

What are the issues in our areas we can work on? Can we develop grassroots campaign around them?

Please join us in this dialog. If you are interested in being on our discussion list, please reply to and let us know what part of the state you are in.

We will then send you the formal invite.

It's time.


The Socialist Party of Texas

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Texas Stands with Gaza

Texas Stands with Gaza

On Saturday, August 2nd, we will be assembling at the Capitol in Austin to protest against Israel's horrific assault on the population of Gaza, and to demand an end to our government's support for it. Peace and human rights activists and organizations from all over the state will join together to demonstrate our solidarity with the people of Gaza and our demands for an immediate halt to the mass murder of Palestinian civilians.

More details about transportation and other specifics will be added as soon as they are figured out. For now, invite as many people as you can.

People of Dallas-Ft. Worth, surrounding communities, if you could please join this page as well to coordinate travel:

People of Houston, surrounding communities, if you could please join this page as well to coordinate travel:

People of San Antonio, surrounding communities, if you could please join this page as well to coordinate travel: