Sunday, November 25, 2012

Socialist Party of Texas Election Results

With 9150 of 9150 statewide voting precints in Texas reporting, the Socialist Party Presidential/Vice Presidential ticket of Stewart Alexander and Alex Mendoza received 87 write-in votes. Sources of Socialist Party "strength" were in Galveston, Tarrant, Harris, Travis, Ft Bend, and Hidalgo Counties.
Interestingly, even though Dallas County (Dallas) and Bexar County (San Antonio) had 1703 and 1166  reported Presidential write-in votes respectively, none were reported from those counties to the Texas Secretary of State Election returns. The Socialist Party totals are no doubt higher.

Results from other Socialist Party of Texas candidates are:

State Representative District 65

Ron Simmons REP
31,210 59.14%
Gary E. Brown DEM
20,347 38.55%
Alex Mendoza GRN

  1,213 2.29%

State Representative District 113
Cindy Burkett - Incumbent
Angela K. Sarlay

State Representative District 131
Alma Allen - Incumbent DEM

36,714 94.50%
Alfred N. Montestruc LIB

1,315 3.38%
Alfred Molison, Jr. GRN

821 2.11%

Justice of the Peace, Prc. No. 2, Pl. 1 (Bexar County)
Robert N. (Bob) Ray (REP) . . . . . 63,675 40.74 %
Roberto "Robbie" Vazquez (DEM) . . . 87,803 56.17%
Joel Benavidez (GRN). . . . . . . 4,833 3.09 %

Monday, September 3, 2012

Socialists Certified For Write-In

We are happy to report that the Texas Secretary of State's Office has certified the write-in candidacy of Stewart Alexander and Alex Mendoza, Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates of the Socialist Party USA.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have volunteered to be electors for the Socialist Party in November. We could not have done it without you.

You WILL be able to vote Socialist in November in Texas.

Our Campaign in Texas will not have the glitter of a Romney Campaign. It will be done by word of mouth, email, Facebook and the individual campaign efforts of our people. But we will be there at the ballot box.

Thank you again for all your support.

The Socialist Party of Texas

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Socialist to Testify to Texas Ethics Commission

July 29, 2012
Tony Mathison, member of the Socialist Party of Texas and the  former Green Party candidate for State Legislative District 60, will testify before the Texas State Ethics Board on August 30th.
Mathison will be focusing his remarks on the difficulties of working people with limited resources to comply with the provision of the provision of the candidate financial disclosure laws in the State of Texas.
"It is virtually impossible for a working person to financially comply with the legal paperwork demanded by the state's financial disclosure laws. The laws are written to preclude the involvement of working candidate and are another example of how state elections are levered towards those with money to run for office", Mathison said.
Mathison is a Brown County educator.
For more information: Tony Mathison
Socialist Party of Texas

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Help Get Us Certified for Write-in!

The Socialist Party of Texas needs your help to get its 2012 Presidential Ticket of Stewart Alexander and Alex Mendoza certified for write-in status in the November elections.

We need to collect the signatures of 38 people who are willing to be electors for the SP.

There is no obligation in being an elector. All one has to be is a registered voter. One does not even have to vote Socialist. But you will be helping us make sure that we can present our electoral choice to the voters of teachers the only way that the restrictive ballot laws in Texas will allow.

Will you help? Please reply to

Thank you.