Sunday, April 27, 2014

May Day in Dallas

Dallas May Day event on Thursday,  May 1 at  6 pm at Main St. Garden downtown.

It is the city block bounded by Main, Harwood, Commerce, & St. Paul.

The event is sponsored by "Leftist Alliance," a coalition of Dallas leftist organizations, including Communist Party, Solidarity, Workers' International League, and System Change Not Climate Change DFW  of which

Marjorie Steakely will be representing the Socilaist Party at this event.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Houston Film Series

Please join us at the Houston Hearts and Minds Film Series.

Saturday, April 26, 2014, from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm at the Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston.

Occupy Love!

For more information

Austin May Day Celebration

The Original Blast!

Calling all working class poets, musicians, filmmakers, artists, cooks, organizers,
activists and everyone else invited to come and participate in celebration
and solidarity on Thursday, May 1 from 5:30 to 10 or so at the new
Resistencia space 4926 Cesar Chavez. Lilia Rosas will MC.

Commit, organize, put this together, communicate with us. We need you!

Here's a list of immediate commitments needed. Please respond.
1. MUSIC Would you like to perform? Do you know anyone you can ask for a
few songs or pieces? Son Armado has agreed. So has Sonoita. Matt will
provide ambiance.
2. POETRY Will you read a poem or two? Do you know any poets who would like
to read?
3. SOAPBOX SPEECHES Will your organization say a few words? You could also
stand and speak for yourself and your politics. All welcomed from the left
of center.
4. FILM CLIPS Would you like to show something really short? Maximum 3
5. FOOD Will you bring food? Yes or no is sufficient. The lease does not
allow alcoholic beverages but all else is welcomed.
6. LITERATURE We'll have shared tables rather than separate. Again, all is
totally welcomed. If you have a table you're willing to share, please let us
7. OTHER ART We'll have a stop motion animation station, a clothesline to
hang pieces for the evening, and welcome anything else including

Please contact and me cc'd above.

Other immediate needs
1. Invite all your friends to the Facebook Event page to like List the event in organizational newsletters/newspapers
3. Distribute the attached flyer

INVITE everyone and every group you know and forward this to all. There are
a lot of people and organizations who need to be there not on this email.

Next planning meeting is Wednesday April 16 at 7 at Resistencia 4926 Cesar

In solidarity and love,
Anne, Jacob, Emma and all the other folks involved in Austin Beloved

ALEC is Coming to Dallas; Be there.

The American Legislative Exchange Council, the corporate lobby owned and operated by the billionaire Koch Brothers to introduce reactionary legislation in the state legislatures, will be meeting in Dallas at the Hilton Anatole Hotel on Stemmons Freeway from July 30 through August 1.

Planning meetings are currently being held to organize popular diasaffection with ALEC's socially harmful political agenda.

Please spread the word and plan to be in Big D to protest.

For more information contact

Endorsing Kristi Lara....

The Socialist Party of Texas again endorses Kristi Lara for the Dallas Independent School District School Board, District 8.

Solidly progressive.

A Plea from the Peace Farm

Dear Peace Farm friends,

We have not asked for donations for several years. As you know, we sold the Farm, except for one empty acre, which allows us to get communications from Pantex as a neighbor. Therefore, we've had enough money for awhile to pay for the few things we still do, mainly sending someone for several years now, except this year, to the ANA ( Alliance for Nuclear Accountability, our larger national organization) Lobby Days in Washington , D.C. That is fairly expensive, so our account is going down enough that we feel it is time to increase it some. We will rely on the people who have emails since we don't want to spend a lot on overhead and our regular mail list is very old and not reliable.

As I'm sure you know, the dangers of nuclear weapons are still with us. Russia and the U.S. are still on hair trigger for a nuclear war, and the Crimea situation put that back into reality as a definite possibility. We always want the Peace Farm to be a local and viable part of the antinuclear network throughout the nation and the world. We must continue to represent this area where all U.S. bombs are assembled. If you able to support us monetarily, please send us your contribution to: The Peace Farm, Box 4130 , Amarillo , TX 79116-4130 . You can also pay online at

We would appreciate if you would let us know any ideas you have about what we can do yet to continue making our mark on the nuclear problem. If you would like to be involved in some way, we would like to know that, too. Thanks for all you've done to make our world the place of peace and life for the next generations!


Jerry Stein, convener
The Peace Farm